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⚠️ For a long time phone-based loyalty card apps didn't work for me, so I ended up writing this app. Since then the tech has improved and I've sort of let it die. I have a branch at feature/reactjs where I started trying to learn React and update it to be more single-page-app, but time, desire, and burnout all collided to mean... I just didn't. I may come back to it if I ever feel like fighting some UI, but hopes are not high.

LoyaltyCard is a web application to generate a combined loyalty/club card.

I loved the (now-offline) "JustOneClubCard" application. I had created a couple of combined cards that I carried with me everywhere. When that disappeared, I made this as a way to get a physical combined card.


LoyaltyCard is released under an MIT License.

LoyaltyCard makes use of the following libraries and services:


Running the LoyaltyCard app requires a web site running .NET (e.g., IIS Express) because, to generate the client-side PDF, I need to convert images from the barcode generator to base64 and I couldn't figure out how to do that cross-domain. (the Microscan generator doesn't have the right CORS support). I wrote a tiny proxy/handler for that in C#.

Run the start-host.bat file to start IIS Express on the src folder. There is a shortcut Load Test Card.url you can use to load the app up with some dummy data in it and see it in action.