Examples of how to add custom admin menu icons — the MP6 way.
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MP6 Icon Examples

The code examples in this repository demonstrate how to set scalable/colorable admin menu icons for MP6, the experimental interface for WordPress.

Method A: Dashicons

The easiest way to set an icon for plugin/theme menu items, is picking a Dashicon and setting it the way mp6-dashicon.php illustrates.

Method B: Custom Icon Font

Using another icon font is easy, too. The code in mp6-font-icon.php demonstrates how to do it.

Method C: SVG as Background Image

Adding a custom SVG as CSS background image is a little trickier. Because SVG browser support is limited, this method requires a Dashicon as fallback. The example code in mp6-svg-icon.php shows how to do that and contains a few more details about this method.