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Bug fixes
- Fixed SimplePointMarker size display and hit test. Now radius parameter is used correctly as radius.
NB: This breaks previous behavior and might modify the visual result of your existing code! #137
0.9.8beta - tba
Tested with Processing 3.0
Updated most examples
0.9.7beta - tba
Bug Fixes
- Fixed MultiLineString in GeoJSONReader. Thanks to Tutkain for report.
- Fixed Polygon with interior rings in GeoJSONReader. #103
- Fixed mapChanged method.
- Fixed DebugDisplay. UI resources in JAR now. #64
- Added vector tile support.
- Added vector tile examples.
- Added rectangular panning restriction.
- Added setProperty to Marker
- Added option to set MultiMarker class for MarkerFactory. #115
- Tested with Processing 3.0a
- Cleaned up and fixed some examples.
0.9.6 - 16 June 2014
Bug Fixes
- Fixed Google Maps provider.
- Fixed handling empty properties in geo files.
- Fixed empty MarkerManager handling when not default. Thanks to @antjkennedy.
- Added Polyline parsing to GeoUtils.
- Added zoomToFit and zoomAndPanToFit.
- Added getBoundingBox to GeoUtils.
- Added tile providers (see #85). Thanks to Jacek Radzikowski.
- Using Processing's new library installation mechanism.
- Switched parameters in zoomAndPanTo.
- Added source to distribution zip for Processing (as per Library Guidelines. Find the source also at our repository.)
Bug Fixes
- Fixed map transparency issues.
- Added allTilesLoaded() method.
- Added moveBy(dx, dy) method
- Simplified MBTiles map provider
- Updated to Processing 2.1.1
- Added more examples (Processing and Eclipse distributions)
- Updated examples
First version using Processing 2
- Moved core and examples to Processing 2 and its new Java2D/OpenGL renderer.
- Cleaned up different MapDisplays and MapDisplayFactory
- Fixed offscreen buffering
- Updated libraries to new Processing and JOGL
- Updated event system to Processing 2 one
- Modified Shader mechanism and examples
- Switched to new XML, JSON, CVS libs for data imports
Bug Fixes
- Fixed tweening (#5). Map now can animate between states, optionally.
- Fixed centroid algorithm (#47).
- Changed default MarkerManager behavior. Now the first manually added replaces the empty default.
- Fixed marker precision issue (#66). Now nearby markers are displayed as two distinct markers even on high zoom levels.
- Switched default map provider.
- Added mapChanged and tilesLoaded methods. Similar to Processing's simple events such as mouseMoved these allow easily reacting to map events.
- Enhanced data properties functionality in both Markers and Features.
- Added DebugDisplay.
- Added hidden flag to markers.
- Added many utility and convenience methods.
- Added various more examples (in Eclipse distribution)
- Added some more examples (in Processing distribution)
- Added and enhanced API JavaDocs, and inline documentation.
- Added MIT license.
- Cleaned up distribution.
- Started release notes. :)