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1.0 beta Release (for Processing 2)
- Re-enable sketches for P2D
UPDATES to 2.0
- REVISIT ProcessingMapDisplay smooth switching (commented)
- REVISIT MapUtils event dispatcher registration
- REVISIT MapDisplayFactory (Instantiation via Class Lookup)
- CHANGED GLGraphics to OpenGL
x CHANGED to Processing events (from awt)
x MouseWheel not working yet (
- How to deform / distort a map in a way the location to screen conversion still works
(e.g. Fisheye, 3D spikes)
x Mask
x Implement blur shader
- Send to Andres Colubri & ask for feedback
- 3D: 2.5D / Pseudo
- Distortion grids
- Transparent (real transparency for map tiles)
- see
- Update examples-processing to P2
- frameRate seems to be not correct?
On FullHD/Fullscreen sketches it still shows 60fps but seems to be lagging.
- File encoding (all UTF-8)
0.9.3 Release
x Clean up /test
x Move test apps from /examples to /test
x Select fewer example per section (1 best practice!)
x Add javadocs to examples
x Convert more examples from /examples to /examples-processing
x Clean up data folder
x e.g. /data/ui, /data/data, /data/tiles, ...
x isInsideLocation()
x Pull Request:
x Add tweening (from KUL student fork)
x Pull Request:
x Add comment into pull request (for others to see)
x Send e-mail to student and ask for new commits into /develop
x Merge manually
x Merge develop into master
x Publish distributions as 0.9.3
x Update ant script: build.xml
- Unfolding App Template
- How to handle examples-extern? (/examples-extern, /lib-extern, .classpath)
- Test on Linux and Mac
x Processing
x Test w/ 1.5
x Put zip files to Amazon Cloud
UPDATED Processing examples
x ChoroplethMapApp
= data.choropleth.ChoroplethMapApp
x DebugDisplayApp
= misc.DebugDisplayApp
x GeoJSONMarkerApp
= data.GeoJSONMarkerApp
x GeoRSSMarkerApp
= data.GeoRSSMarkerApp
x GeoRSSStyledMarkerApp
= data.styled.GeoRSSStyledMarkerApp
x LabeledMarkerApp
≈ marker.labelMarker.MultiLabeledMarkerApp (other data src, and other label)
x MarkerSelectionApp
= marker.MarkerSelectionApp
x MBTilesApp
≈ provider.MBTilesMapApp (smaller mbtiles file, and no sqlite.jar)
x MultiProviderMultiMapApp
= multi.MultiProviderMultiMapApp
x SimpleMapApp
= SimpleMapApp
- SimpleConversionMapApp
- SimpleMarkerApp
- SimpleMarkerTutorialApp
Processing Examples Candidates
- animation/FadeTwoMapsApp
x data/GeoRSSMarkerApp (auto default marker creation)
x data/GeoJSONMarkerApp (auto default marker creation)
x MarkerSelectioNApp
- data/TransitLinesMarkerApp (manually create non-own marker with own color)
- data/temporal/AnimatedTemporalDotsApp
x data/choropleth/ChoroplethMapApp
- data/countrydata/CountryBubbleMap
- distance/GreatCircleConnectionApp
x provider/MBTilesMapApp
x misc/DebugDisplayApp