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Archlinux VM.zip


Archlinux Virtual Machine

Archlinux VM - 30 points per flag


Download the Archlinux virtual machine, build using the free and open-source program VirtualBox and find all 5 flags.


It looks like the root account has a password. What could maybe bypass or reset it?

Internal Description

Reset the root password by editing the grub boot instructions:

  • during the grub screen press e
  • once in the editor find the line that starts with linux
  • add init=/bin/bash to the end of that line
  • boot with the special boot instructions with ctrl + x
  • once in, make the system read/write by running mount -n -o remount,rw /
  • now that the system is read and write, you can run passwd


  • r3c0v3ry_passw0rd_r3s3t - Log in to any account
  • h1dd3n_0ne - ps aux or ps aux | grep 'h1d'
  • g0lang_1s_c00l - there's a binary file (/usr/bin/runme4good) so all you have to do is run the command runme4good and the flag will be printed out.
  • w0w_such_a_fa1l - there's a file named todo in the user _ctfuser_s home directory. If you look closely there's a vim swapfile where the system was shutdown duing an edit. If you try to vim todo you will be asked if you want to recover the file. Choosing yes will reveal the flag.
  • ctf_us3r_c0mmand_h1story - logging into as ctfuser and running the history command will show you this flag.