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Crictainment - Cricket Media App

What is it?

Crictainment is a mobile web app that pulls in cricket news from a half-dozen cricket sites and presents them to you in a curated manner.

It also pulls in highlights and recent photos.

There is no server, it's all HTML5/CSS/JavaScript.

Where can I see it in action?

Note that if things don't load initially, just refresh the page (this is still a hack, you know). Sometimes, pulling the data takes a little longer than usual.

For best experience, view that site on a Webkit browser (sorry FF and IE), or on your iPad and add to your home screen.

Why did you make it?


  • I'm a cricket fan
  • nothing in this app uses device-level capabilities so why make a native app?
  • I could not finish a native app in the 24 hours that it took me to make this.
  • I was tired of visiting different sites to get different points of view.
  • I want an app that works cross-platform.
  • I wanted to experiment with HTML5 and mobile performance.

Technical Details

  • All HTML5/CSS/JS.
  • All open source.
  • YUI3 for widgets/scrolling
  • YQL/Pipes for pulling in data and feeds
  • Optimized for iPad (in terms of viewport, meta tags, etc.) Just add it to the iPad home screen and check it out.
  • Native feel when browsing the app. Animations are all CSS3-based.


  • Lots of hard-coded CSS widths and heights which make it look great on iPad but not-so-great on the wider desktop.
  • I'm using scrollability in some places. I'd like to either pull this out or edit Scrollability to it does flicking even when using the mouse.
  • I haven't figured out how to pull stories from a few of the sites. I think Cricinfo works and Cricbuzz works, but some of the other ones don't.
  • The videos are pulled from but the host there stopped updating his site, so I'll need to find another provider.