Bedrock Github Pages documentation source files. A static site built using Metalsmith.
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Bedrock Documentation Site

These are the source files for Bedrock's documentation site. It is a static website built using Metalsmith, so I put it up here as an example of a static site that can be built using it.

Here's a screenshot of what the static site looks like:

Check out this blog post for more information on how to build static websites using NodeJS and Metalsmith.


  • Writing using Github Flavored Markdown
  • Using Handlebars layout
  • Automatic table-of-contents and navigation based on headings
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • One-line deploy to Github Pages

Installation and Building

git clone
npm install
node build.js

This will set up a browser-sync environment, where all your changes will automatically reload and rebuild the static site.

To deploy to Github Pages:

npm run deploy --prod

This will push everything in the build/ directory to the gh-pages branch of whatever your origin remote is.