Simple slideshow system built with YUI 3.
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Upstage Slideshow System

Upstage is a slideshow system that runs in a web browser. It's powered by YUI.

Upstage is inspired by S5 and S6, which are similar and do much more than this project. This project does nothing more than what I need.

Using Upstage

Upstage is ready for you to use with SlideShow.

gem install slideshow

Clone this repository. Then symlink it into ~/.slideshow/templates/upstage.

Then, generate your presentation:

slideshow -t upstage example.text

For an example of a SlideShow document, see the deck samples in the SlideShow repository.

YUI is not included with Upstage. Download YUI 3 and place it in the same folder as your presentation under the directory yui3.

Alternatively, you may edit index.html.erb to point to or another local copy of YUI.

When publishing your slideshow to the internet, you should be using YUI from it's much faster.

Upstage's stylesheet references the YUI logo and Gotham font. These files are not included with Upstage's distribution because I can't relicense them.

Hacking Upstage

Upstage is easily extensible. Interesting moments in the slideshow are exposed as events on Y.Upstage.

  • start
    • Fired once when Upstage is ready to be started. This happens right before onload, in upstage.js.
  • warp
    • Fired to move forward or backward a given number of steps or slides.
    • Takes an integer representing how many steps to move. If negative, movement will be backwards.
  • position
    • Fired to request to move to the specified slide.
    • Takes an integer representing the slide to move to.
    • If the movement is out of bounds (less than 1 or more than the amount of slides) nothing happens. Otherwise, navigate is fired.
    • Normally you'd listen to the navigate event, not this event.
  • navigate
    • Fired to actually move to the specified slide.
    • Takes an integer representing the slide that will be shown.
    • Normally only fired by the position event.
    • If you'd like to listen for when a transition will happen, listen to this event.
  • transition
    • Fired to perform the actual transition between slides.
    • Takes two YUI Node instances for the previous and next slides, respectively.
    • Normally only fired by the navigate event.
    • May be overriden to add your own transition effects. See transition-fade.js.

Built-in Upstage Modules

The upstage.js file loads all Upstage modules and then fires the start event. Here are the included modules:

  • slideshow
    • This core module defines most of Upstage's events. Required to do anything useful.
  • controls
    • Displays back and next buttons. Shows the current slide number.
  • keyboard
    • Handles keyboard interaction to move between slides: back, forward, home, end, etc.
  • gesture
    • Handles gesture interaction, exposing ui:swipeleft, ui:swiperight, ui:tap, etc.
    • Provides default handlers that move between slides.
  • permalink
    • Updates the fragment identifier of the page to create permalinks to the slides.
    • Navigates to the correct slide when a fragment identifier is in the URL.
  • transition-fade
    • Replaces the default transition with one that fades between slides.

Author, License, Bugs

Upstage was written by Reid Burke.

Upstage is available online at You may file bugs or contact me there.