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Capistrano tasks to work with production data and assets
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Capistrano Transmit

Rails tasks to work with production data and assets.

This Ruby on Rails plugin allows you to fetch the production database and assets and store them in your local development environment. For reasonably sized projects, you should do this regularly since you will notice typical production-related slowdowns such as missing indexes. The task to fetch assets helps keep your images un-broken, which is always nice.

The only thing this plugin does, is extend Capistrano. No Rails code is loaded. Capistrano loads the scripts in the recipes directory, and that's just what we need.

The plugin uses rsync to transfer the files, which means any existing files are skipped and/or appended based on their checksum. The transfers are compressed as well so we don't need to gzip the contents first. All this assumes both your production and development environment are Unix. Tested on Linux production and Mac OS X development.


ruby script/plugin install git://

or in your Gemfile:

gem 'capistrano_transmit'

Then add to your deploy.rb:

require 'capistrano/transmit'


cap transmit:get:mysql # Fetch the remote production MySQL database # and overwrite your local development database with it cap transmit:get:assets # Fetch the remote assets into your local development environment

cap transmit:put:mysql # Overwrite the production MySQL database with your development data


This Capistrano extension assumes some variables are present in your deploy.rb:

user # the SSH user for connecting to the deploy host deploy_host # the host on which to run the db dump

Copyright © 2010 Joost Baaij, released under the MIT license

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