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Tilt Extensions

Build Status

This is the official Tilt Extensions Repository. Read more in docs.

All extensions have been vetted and approved by the Tilt team.

  • api_server_logs: Print API server logs. Example from Contribute an Extension.
  • cancel: Adds a cancel button to the UI.
  • cert_manager: Deploys cert-manager.
  • color: Allows colorful log prints.
  • configmap: Create configmaps from files and auto-deploy them.
  • conftest: Use Conftest to test your configuration files.
  • coreos_prometheus: Deploys Prometheus to a monitoring namespace, managed by the CoreOS Prometheus Operator and CRDs
  • current_namespace: Reads the default namespace from your kubectl config.
  • custom_build_with_restart: Wrap a custom_build to restart the given entrypoint after a Live Update
  • deployment: Create K8s deployments, jobs, and services without manifest YAML files.
  • docker_build_sub: Specify extra Dockerfile directives in your Tiltfile beyond docker_build.
  • docker_build_with_restart: Wrap a docker_build to restart the given entrypoint after a Live Update
  • dotenv: Load environment variables from .env or another file.
  • earthly: Build container images using earthly
  • file_sync_only: No-build, no-push, file sync-only development. Useful when you want to live-reload a single config file into an existing public image, like nginx.
  • git_resource: Deploy a dockerfile from a remote repository -- or specify the path to a local checkout for local development.
  • hasura: Deploys Hasura GraphQL Engine and monitors metadata/migrations changes locally.
  • hello_world: Print "Hello world!". Used in Extensions.
  • helm_remote: Install a remote Helm chart (in a way that gets properly uninstalled when running tilt down)
  • helm_resource: Deploy with the Helm CLI. New Tilt users should prefer this approach over helm_remote.
  • honeycomb: Report dev env performance to Honeycomb.
  • jest_test_runner: Jest JavaScript test runner. Example from Contribute an Extension.
  • k8s_attach: Attach to an existing Kubernetes resource that's already in your cluster. View their health and live-update them in-place.
  • kim: Use kim to build images for Tilt
  • knative: Use knative serving to iterate on scale-to-zero servers.
  • ko: Use Ko to build Go-based container images
  • kubebuilder: Enable live-update for developing Kubebuilder projects.
  • kubectl_build: Get faster build cycles and smaller disk usage by building docker images directly in the k8s cluster with BuildKit CLI for kubectl.
  • kubefwd: Use Kubefwd to bulk-forward Kubernetes services.
  • local_output: Run a local command and get the output as string
  • min_k8s_version: Require a minimum Kubernetes version to run this Tiltfile.
  • min_tilt_version: Require a minimum Tilt version to run this Tiltfile.
  • namespace: Functions for interacting with namespaces.
  • nix: Use nix to build nix-based container images.
  • ngrok: Expose public URLs for your services with ngrok.
  • pack: Build container images using pack and buildpacks.
  • podman: Build container images using podman
  • print_tiltfile_dir: Print all files in the Tiltfile directory. If recursive is set to True, also prints files in all recursive subdirectories.
  • procfile: Create Tilt resources from a foreman Procfile.
  • pulumi: Install Kubernetes resources with Pulumi.
  • restart_process: Wrap a docker_build or custom_build to restart the given entrypoint after a Live Update (replaces restart_container())
  • secret: Functions for creating secrets.
  • snyk: Use Snyk to test your containers, configuration files, and open source dependencies.
  • syncback: Sync files/directories from your container back to your local FS.
  • tarfetch: Fetch new and updated files from a container to your local FS.
  • tests: Some common configurations for running your tests in Tilt.
  • tilt_inspector: Debugging server for exploring internal Tilt state.
  • uibutton: Customize your Tilt dashboard with buttons to run a command.
  • wait_for_it: Wait until command output is equal to given output.

Contribute an Extension

See Contribute an Extension.

We want everyone to feel at home in this repo and its environs; please see our Code of Conduct for some rules that govern everyone's participation.