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== Job Interview

Work in Ruby on Rails development? Great! Interviewing you just because a little bit easier as we can check (relatively speaking) if you can actually write code or not. This is a *very* simple Rails App to help show the interviewers what you can and can't do, this is what it should cover:

  1. Forking a project and cloning it locally
  2. Starting a simple Rails app (migration / start mongrel)
  3. Trouble shooting an error and fixing syntax
  4. Committing the changes with Git and pushing back to Github.
  5. Branching master with a good description name
  6. Writing an integration test to help prevent the error from happening again
  7. Committing the work and merging it back into master
  = Depending on how they handle writing tests 
  1. Create a new story for adding comments to a fruit (without a plugin please)
  2. Implementing the story with correct branches
  3. Optimising the queries to help make the app fast
Ideally the further they get along the more they know about Rails, feel free to fork this and extend.