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# design details
- :name: ConClusion, Westercon 2012
:basename: conclus_thatsall
- :name: Dragon-cloud
:basename: conclusion_dragoncloud
:description: Art by Conclusion's Art GoH Frank Wu
- :name: Time Totem
:basename: conclusion_totem
- :name: Book Robbers
:basename: bookrobbers
:description: Because that's where the books are
- :name: Rmoney
:basename: rmoney
- :name: Let them eat cake
:basename: rmoney_brioches
:description: Or in the usual translation, Let Lhem Eat Cake!
- :name: The Southern Fandom Confederation
:basename: sfc2012
:description: New SFC design for 2012
- :name: DeepSouthCon 50
:basename: dsc50
:description: The Con Shirt for the 50th DeepSouthCon
- :name: Twain Got It
:basename: twain_quote
:description: Mr. Clemens Understood
- :name: The English Language
:basename: english
- :name: Notice
:basename: notice
:description: Please email us if you have questions about an order.
- :name: Bouchercon 2011 Bullet
:basename: bcon_bullet
- :name: Bouchercon St. Louis Flag
:basename: bcon_flag
:description: St. Louis's Flag, Bouchercon style
- :name: Spirits of St. Louis
:basename: bcon_spirits
- :name: St. Louis Bouchercon stitch
:basename: stitch
:description: Choice of thread colors as well as shirt color and style
- :name: Embroidery Information
:basename: stitch_info
:description: Embroideries are available on polo, denim, and twill shirts in many colors. Please email us for more information.
- :name: Place holder
:basename: blank
:description: Intentionally left blank
- :name: Renovation Arch
:basename: reno_arch
:description: Order now to get your choice of style/color/size included in the reprint.
- :name: Vallejo Renovation
:basename: silverguy
:description: Art by the 69th Worldcon's Art Guest of Honor, Boris Vallejo
- :name: The Wild, Wild Renovation
:basename: wildwildrenovation
- :name: Summer Reading (Catching Up)
:basename: summer_reading
- :name: Charles N. Brown
:basename: reno_cbrown
:description: In memory of Renovation's Guest of Honor, Charles N. Brown, this is a special design from Renovation Programming/Locus. The art is by Bob Eggleton
- :name: There's a Nap for That (Dogs)
:basename: anapforthatdogs
:description: Dogs can haz naps too!
- :name: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie!
:basename: sleepingdogslie
:description: They're only fooling themselves...
- :name: Books Can Be Magic
:basename: books_can_be_magic
:description: Art by Alicia Austin
- :name: Book Shoppe
:basename: bookshoppe
:description: Art by Alicia Austin
- :name: Return to Pyrocumulon
:basename: return_to_pyrocumulon
:description: Copyright Po-Lung Chia, Maxim-Ivan Illustrations
- :name: Game Players
:basename: game_players
:description: You should see the rules! Art by Tim Kirk
- :name: Teamwork
:basename: teamwork
:description: Everyone's pulling their weight - cat-style
- :name: Loch Thulhu
:basename: lochthulhu
:description: You'll never drink another whisky
- :name: Miskatonic U Fighting Tentacles
:basename: mu_tentacles
- :name: Books... Cats...
:basename: bookscats
:description: Pretty much covers the bases
- :name: Books... Dogs...
:basename: booksdogs
:description: We love dogs too!
- :name: Cat and Mouse
:basename: catnmouse
:description: The mighty hunter. Art by Alicia Austin
- :name: There's a nap for that!
:basename: anapforthatcats
- :name: Democracy Lamb
:basename: democracylamb
:description: Attributed to Franklin but food for thought regardless
- :name: Cave Art
:basename: caveart
:description: That cave is closed to the public
- :name: Einstein Quote
:basename: einstein
:description: eh, men!
- :name: Priceless Treasure
:basename: priceless
:description: For your inner book hoarder. Art by Sue Dawe
- :name: Good Book
:basename: goodbook
:description: That's my motto
- :name: Stop Me
:basename: stopme
:description: Maybe this will help. Or not.
- :name: Multitasking/ADD
:basename: add
:description: There's a long story behind this -- oooh shiny!
- :name: Valuable Reading Time
:basename: valreading
:description: Are you wasting time?
- :name: Jazz Cats
:basename: jazzcats
:description: Art by Alicia Austin
- :name: Van Helsing Stakes
:basename: vanhstakes
- :name: Fannish Knot
:basename: fannishknot
# - :name: Mystery Knot
# :basename: mysteryknot
# :description:
- :name: Clan Fhandom
:basename: clanfhandom
:description: Wear the crest of your adopted family
- :name: Hairy Potto & the Stoned Sorcerer
:basename: p1
- :name: Hairy Potto & the Secret Chamber
:basename: p2
- :name: Hairy Potto & the Prisoner of Algebra
:basename: p3
- :name: Hairy Potto & the Gobbler of Fire
:basename: p4
- :name: Hairy Potto & the Odor of the Phoenix T-Shirt
:basename: p5
- :name: A Balanced Diet T-Shirt
:basename: baldiet
:description: What else does the well fed cat need (except perhaps a can opener and opposable thumbs?). Art by Alicia Austin
- :name: I Love SF
:basename: ilovesf
:description: A great shirt whether you love Science Fiction or the (future) City by the Bay - or both. Art by Alicia Austin
- :name: Pegapuss
:basename: pegapuss
:description: The original and still the greatest winged cat.. But omg, they're trouble enough without wings… Art by Alicia Austin
- :name: Catfish Moon
:basename: catfishmoon
:description: Mama introduces her kitten to the Catfish in the Moon. Art by Darlene Coltrain
- :name: DracoArchaeoptryx Celtis
:basename: draco
:description: The dragon is also a Celtic Knot. Art by Darlene Coltrain
- :name: Catnip Dreams
:basename: catnip
:description: Mamas and kittens sleep in a paisley design. Art by Darlene Coltrain
- :name: Electric Dragon
:basename: edragon
:description: Careful, it may be shocking. Art by Sue Dawe
- :name: Electric Unicorn
:basename: eunicorn
:description: Art by Sue Dawe
- :name: Signs of the Times
:basename: signs
:description: What all those road signs REALLY mean
# - :name: A Star is Born
# :basename: starisborn
# :description: Star nursery as seen from the Hubble Space Telescope. Oh baby.
- :name: It's a Mystery to Me
:basename: mysterytome
:description: A shelf full of mystery books. Verry punny.
- :name: The Way the Future Wasn't
:basename: wayfuturewasnt
:description: More fractured titles and authors, SF this time
# - :name: What Are We Watching Tonight?
# :basename: dvdshelf
# :description: DVDs for laffs
- :name: Murder Must Out
:basename: mmo
:description: So they say...
- :name: Aussiecon 4 Logo
:basename: a4logo
:description: Design by Grant Gittus
- :name: Aussiecon 4 Space
:basename: aussiecon4_space
:description: Design by Grant Gittus
- :name: Bookaroos
:basename: bookaroo
:description: Design by Jane Dennis.
- :name: Reading Group
:basename: reading_group
:description: Art by Aussiecon 4's Guest Shaun Tan
- :name: Old Firends Australia in 2010 Bid
:basename: a10firends
:description: The classic early bid shirt. Design by Sue Mason
- :name: Australia in 2010
:basename: a4bidshirt
:description: The official shirt of the bid. Design by Grant Gittus
- :name: Armadillocon 2010
:basename: armadillocon2010
- :name: Denvention 3 Mars
:basename: d3mars
:description: Art by Denvention 3 Artist Guest Rick Sternbach. This was the Program Book cover.
- :name: Denvention 3 Farmer in the Sky
:basename: d3farmer
:description: Art by Denvention 3 Artist Guest Rick Sternbach.
- :name: Starport Denver
:basename: d3starport
# - :name: Gnome Chomsky
# :basename: d3gnome
# :description:
- :name: Bush is Listening
:basename: bushlistening
:description: Use Big Words...
- :name: Nippon 2007 Program Book Cover
:basename: n7return
:description: <em>Return</em> by Nippon's Artist Guest Michael Whelan. This was the Program Book cover.
- :name: Nippon 2007 Whelan's <em>Descent</em>
:basename: n7descent
:description: <em>Descent</em> by Nippon's Artist Guest Michael Whelan.
- :name: Nippon 2007 Orbit
:basename: n7orbit
- :name: mugshotHugo Babies
:basename: hugobabies
- :name: Book Can Be Magic
:basename: fox
:description: Hope the bunnehs like the story
# - :name: Carolers T-Shirt
# :basename: carolers
# :description:
# - :name: Winter Friends T-Shirt
# :basename: winterfriends
# :description:
# - :name: Elliott's Pillow T-Shirt
# :basename: elliotts
# :description:
- :name: Mysterious Island
:basename: island
:description: Art by Darlene Coltrain
- :name: Ben Franklin Quote
:basename: benquote
:description: That's my motto too
- :name: Thomas Jefferson Quote
:basename: jeffersonquote
:description: Yes - he and Franklin said something very similar. Great minds and all.
- :name: Mencken Quote
:basename: menckenquote
- :name: Other
:basename: other
- more
- signs
- einstein
- add
- caveart
- island
- eunicorn- :name: The Turtle Moves (front)
- :name: Book 'Em Danno
:basename: bookem
:description: ""
- :name: Lieutenant Cowlumbo on the case
:basename: cowlumbo
:description: The Lieutenant is on the case. Hope he doesn't get on mine.
- :name: Murder On The Rocks
:basename: murder_rocks
:description: ""
- :name: Mystery Knot
:basename: mystery_knot
:description: ""
- :name: Library Dragon
:basename: lauradragon
- :name: Readers/Leaders
:basename: trumanquote
:description: A laudable idea indeed
# - :name: Aussiecon 3 T-Shirt
# :basename: ozspaceman
# :description:
# - :name: ConFiction T-Shirt
# :basename: confiction
# :description:
# - :name: I Don't Care
# :basename: idontcare
# :description:
- :name: Books are the Gateway
:basename: gateway
:description: And imaginative literature is one of the best ways to go traveling, whether in coracles or rocket ships. Art by Darlene Coltrain
#- :name: Sleepin' with da fishes
# :basename: sleepingwithfishes
# :description: ""
# :blurb: You can still get shirts from LCC in Hawai'i!
- :name: Jailbirds of Paradise
:basename: jailbirds
:description: ""
#- :name: Jailbirds of Paradise (Left Coast Crime)
# :basename: jailbirds_lcc
# :description: ""
# :blurb:
#- :name: Charlie Chan and the Volcano
# :basename: charlieposter
# :description: ""
# :blurb: You can still get shirts from LCC in Hawai'i!
- :name: World of Lovecraft
:basename: world_of_lovecraft
- :name: Cthapitol
:basename: cthapitol
:description: Art by Allen Koszowski
- :name: Cincinnati Fantasy Group
:basename: cfg_logo
- :name: Midwestcon 60
:basename: cfg_subway
:description: Doesn't Go Anywhere. Doesn't Do Much.
- :name: Wile E. Quixote
:basename: wile_e_quixote
- :name: The trouble with mornings
:basename: archie
:description: The trouble with mornings is they happen when you're not awake. -- Archie Goodwin
- :name: Bookaholic
:basename: bookaholic
:description: I am a bookaholic. If you're a nice person, you'll sell me books at half price!
- :name: Dealing With the Public
:basename: dealing_public
:description: Dealing with the Public causes Brain Damage
- :name: Honk
:basename: honk
:description: Honk if you get Right-Wing radio on your dentures
- :name: Grammer Police
:basename: grammar_police
:description: Sorry, Ma'am, I'm the Grammer Police. You need the spelling police.
- :name: Incompetence
:basename: incompetence
:description: Incompetence is a double-edged banana
- :name: It's not procrastination
:basename: its_not_procrastination
:description: It's not procrastination - it's a higher form of planning
- :name: I Try To Take
:basename: itrytotake
:description: I try to take one day at a time, but lately several days have attacked me at once.
- :name: Lapsed Pastafarian
:basename: lapsed_pastafarian
:description: Lapsed Pastafarian (but I still like Pizza!)
- :name: Money Talks
:basename: moneytalks
:description: Money talks. The last thing I heard it say was "Goodbye."
- :name: National Enquirer
:basename: nationalenquirer
:description: Just think - National Enquirer readers are among the elite minority who actually read. Have a nice day.
- :name: Oh No!
:basename: oh_no
:description: On No! Not another learning experience!
- :name: Outside of Dog
:basename: outsideofadog
:description: Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside a dog, it's too dark to read.
- :name: This universe
:basename: this_universe
:description: This universe is sold by mass, not by volume. Some expansion of the contents may have occurred during shipment.
- :name: Time Travel is Easy
:basename: timetravel
:description: Time Travel is Easy. I just haven't got Fast Forward and Rewind to work yet.
- :name: 'Warning: 1 Human Being'
:basename: warning1human
:description: 'WARNING: 1 Human Being. Contents Under Pressure. Use Only As Directed.'
- :name: Wayback Machine
:basename: wayback
:description: I don't need a wayback machine. A little-bit-back machine would do just fine.
- :name: Vampire Elvis
:basename: vampire_elvis
- :name: 'Magnus and Loki: Pure Evil'
:basename: pure_evil
- :name: 'Magnus and Loki: Pen Pals'
:basename: pen_pals
- :name: British Museum of Natural Mystery
:basename: mnm_british
- :name: Alaska Museum of Natural Mystery
:basename: mnm_alaska
# - :name: Chicago Museum of Natural Mystery
# :basename: mnm_chicago
# :description:
- :name: Texas Museum of Natural Mystery
:basename: mnm_texas
- :name: Reno 811
:basename: reno811
:description: The 2011 World Science Fiction Convention
- :name: Live From Boskone
:basename: livefromboskone
:description: Art by Boskone 47's Artist Guest of Honor John Picacio
- :name: Viewpoints
:basename: viewpoints
:description: Boskone 47 Program Book Cover by John Picacio
- :name: Filk and Cookies
:basename: filk_and_cookies
:description: Got Filk?
- :name: Don Dragon
:basename: lauradragon
:description: A Gentledragon and a Scholar
- :name: But wait - there's More!
:basename: more
:description: Sir Thomas waits at the Tower
#- :name: Booked in LA
# :basename: booked_in_la
# :description: There's more than one way to be Booked in LA.
#- :name: Mystery Theater
# :basename: mystery_theater
# :description: The world premiere 2010
- :name: Concave 31 - Moving On
:basename: moving_on
:description: Buh bye Horse Cave
- :name: Concave 31
:basename: concave31
:description: The Ookfishal Shirt
- :name: Catching Up
:basename: catching_up
- :name: On the Ledge
:basename: ontheledge
- :name: Off to School
:basename: offtoschool
#- :name: Mapback (front)
# :basename: mapfront
# :description: Just the front of the shirt so you can see it a little better. Please order the "both" design on the Left Coast Crime category page.
#- :name: Mapback (back)
# :basename: mapback
# :description: Just the back of the shirt so you can see it a little better. Please order the "both" design on the Left Coast Crime category page.
#- :name: Dell Mapback shirt - please order this one to get the shirt we had for sale at Left Coast Crime.
# :basename: mapback_both
# :description: Please order THIS shirt if you want the Mapback shirt with front and back as shown.
- :name: Leprecon Guest of Honor George R. R. Martin
:basename: grrm_lep
:description: commemorating GRRM's Guest of Honor appearance at Leprecon 2010. Also available as a generic design in Books category
- :name: George R. R. Martin
:basename: grrm
:description: celebrating the works of George R. R. Martin
- :name: Daenery and Dragon
:basename: daenery_dragon
:description: art by Leprecon 2010 Artist GoH Charles Vess
- :name: Starchild
:basename: starchild
:description: art by Leprecon 2010 guest James Owen
- :name: Illegal Aliens
:basename: illegalaliens
:description: Go on and guess...
- :name: Aeolus
:basename: aeolus
- :name: Burning Bright
:basename: burning_bright
- :name: Defiance
:basename: defiance
- :name: Devotion
:basename: devotion
- :name: Fairie
:basename: fairie
- :name: Freedom
:basename: freedom
- :name: Friendlies
:basename: friendlies
- :name: Mugshot
:basename: mugshot
- :name: Ice Dragon
:basename: ice_dragon
- :name: Is It Time To Open The Presents?
:basename: is_it_time_presents
- :name: Nouveau Dragon
:basename: nouveau_dragon
- :name: On Your Mark
:basename: on_your_mark
- :name: Pegasus
:basename: pegasus
- :name: Pekinese
:basename: pekinese
- :name: Raptors
:basename: raptors
- :name: Scuzzlings
:basename: scuzzlings
- :name: Summit
:basename: summit
- :name: Tiger Mage
:basename: tiger_mage
- :name: Evening Star
:basename: evening_star
- :name: Baycon 2010
:basename: moyer
:description: by Baycon Guest Artist Lee Moyer
- :name: It's an Adventure
:basename: ggbaycon
:description: design by Fo' Paws (Jane Dennis)
- :name: Baycon Back Cover
:basename: bayconback
:description: by Baycon Guest Artist Lee Moyer
- :name: Westerchord Theater 2010
:basename: westerchord_poster
:description: Celebrating Confirmation, the 63rd Westercon and the 23rd ConChord, A Filk Invocation
- :name: The Little Old Lady from the Pasadena Westercon
:basename: littleoldlady
:description: Little Old Ladies ain't what they used to be
- :name: Crimefest 2010
:basename: crimefest2010
- :name: Crimefest Excursion Shirt
:basename: crimefest_trip
- :name: Bouchercon by the Bay
:basename: bconbythebay
- :name: Keyhole
:basename: keyhole
- :name: Magical Mystery Tour
:basename: magical_mystery_tour
- :name: Capclave 2010
:basename: capclave2010
- :name: Cheebils Over Columbus
:basename: wfc_cheebils
- :name: Happy Halloween World Fantasy Con
:basename: wfc_halloween2010
- :name: Harvest (day)
:basename: wfc_scarecrow_day
- :name: Harvest (night)
:basename: wfc_scarecrow_night
- :name: Welcome to Thurberville
:basename: thurberville1
- :name: The Parable of the O.K. Corral
:basename: ok_corral
- :name: Ace of Tentacles
:basename: ace_of_tentacles
- :name: 12-21-12
:basename: 12_21_12
- :name: Balloon Flight
:basename: balloon_flight_santafe
:description: or is that Balloon Fright?
#- :name: The Big Chile
# :basename: mr_chile
# :description: This guy's too hot to handle
- :name: Chile Con Carnage
:basename: chile_con_carnage
- :name: Baycon 2011 - Carnivale! (gold circle) Art by AGoH John Picacio
:basename: baycon2011_goldcircle
- :name: Baycon 2011 - Carnivale! (purple circle) Art by AGoH John Picacio
:basename: baycon2011_purplecircle
- :name: Baycon 2011 Adventure Noir Art by AGoH John Picacio
:basename: baycon2011_adventure