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This repository

This is the web application for tilt - the virtual market behind each event.

branch: master

this is the web application for tilt, which creates and manages a virtual market, with investment occuring within a series of rounds.

current version: 0.3 (in development)

current status

developer requirements


  • clone source git clone
  • run npm install (this downloads all dependencies into node_modules)
  • install coffee globally if you haven't already via npm install -g coffee-script


  • ensure mongodb is running (sudo mongod )
  • to run the app, simply run:

    coffee app
  • to change the port:

    port=5000 coffee app
  • alternatively, if you install foreman (download heroku toolkit), you can run via foreman which will run using the web workers/dynos processes that heroku employs:

    foreman start


  • unit tests can be run via cake mocha

  • integration tests via cake cuke

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