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This addon provides a helper for changing the title of the page you're on.

Installing via ember-cli

ember install ember-page-title

Post Install Cleanup

As of v3.0.0 this addon maintains the page title by using the <title> tag in your document's <head>. This is necessary for FastBoot compatibility.

Non-fastboot apps should keep the <title> tag in index.html to ensure that the initial page is valid HTML. The title will be removed and replaced when your app boots.

Fastboot apps MUST remove the <title> tag from index.html.

Digging in

Visit the Docs site


When working with other addons that use ember-cli-head, you'll need to create a custom head.hbs file that exposes the <title> tag properly:


This file is added automatically if you use ember install. This is for all the folks using ember-cli-head addons like ember-cli-meta-tags.


attribute type default
separator string " | "
prepend boolean true
replace boolean false

These defaults are configurable in config/environment.js:

// config/environment.js
/* jshint node: true */

module.exports = function(environment) {
  var ENV = {
    pageTitle: {
      replace: true

  return ENV;

upgrading notes for 3.x to 4.x

From 4.x onward, you need to have {{head-layout}} within your application's application.hbs template. Without this, you will not see a page title appear. See the 4.0.0 release notes for more detail.


Contributors are welcome! Please provide a reproducible test case. Details will be worked out on a case-per-case basis. Maintainers will get in touch when they can, so delays are possible. For contribution guidelines, see the code of conduct.

Publishing Documentation

To publish documentation, run the following command:

ember github-pages:commit --message "update documentation"
git push origin gh-pages:gh-pages