An AR soccer game (Unity3D+Vuforia)
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AR Football


Thank you who like this project, I truly advice you to have a look of my another AR project Tetris AR, it is a AR demo that use the vuforia virtual button.


How about the feeling that a cameraman hold the camera to follow the player in the game.

I think no one will get it, in a real game. Because it is not allowed in the real game.

This feeling is this ar application want to give you.


  1. AR Penalty
  2. AR Football

How To Play

  1. Put the play ground picture on your desktop
  2. Stand up
  3. Hold your phone (for now it is only supported Android, other oses in the fulture), to the ground picture
  4. Start Gaming


  • If you know about modeling, coding on Unity3D, Vuforia, then feel free to folk this repo and contribute your codes or models for AR Football
  • If you do not know it, but you get a cool idea, then start an issue, let's see whether it is easy to archieve
  • Or donate to this project

## Hire Me? I am unemployeed now, it will be pretty nice to give me an offer.

About ProjectSettings

I hide this folder on .gitignore, because there is my vuforia key there.

AR Penalty