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# Npackd
* Home page:
-* Issues:
-* Source code:
-* Wiki:
* Downloads:
Npackd (pronounced "unpacked") is an application store/package manager/marketplace for applications for Windows. It helps you to find and install software, keep your system up-to-date and uninstall it if no longer necessary. You can watch [this short video]( to better understand how it works. The process of installing and uninstalling applications is completely automated (silent or unattended installation and un-installation). There is also a [command line]( based version of Npackd which you can [install]( from the command line:
@@ -15,7 +14,7 @@ C:\> msiexec.exe /qb- /i
see [What is new in Npackd](
## Project status
-[![Build artifacts](](
+[![Build artifacts](](
The Atom Shell framework lets you write cross-platform desktop applications
## Add your packages

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