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Ajtak commented Jul 6, 2015

Hi, This program is super, but I miss create a list of applications. I imagine it so that I have created after logging sheet into which I could give to the selected application . Then this list of selected applications would ask me to appear in the window , and it would be possible to install it is to bring them out of the whole repository did not choose it again.

nodiscc commented Jul 6, 2015

@Ajtak you can do this by using the npackd command line. See

basically just run ncl add --package Python; ncl add --package VLC ...


Another possibility is to create a super-package and a version of it in a repository. This package would define dependencies on all the other packages. This way the installation of the super-package would result also in the installation of all the dependent packages. Here is how you could host a repository:

nodiscc commented Jul 12, 2015

@tim-lebedkov are there tools to help building a proper repository XML file? Or does it have to be done by hand?

I think a workflow like this would help users (including me) a lot:

  • Manually download a selection of exe/zip/msi installers to a local directory
  • Run ncl buildrepo from this directory
  • The tool would prompt your for information (name, license, version...) about each installer in the directory, then build an XML file from this information. Download URLs in the XML file would point to the local installer file.
  • Another tool ncl buildsuperpackage VLC Python would automatically build the XML for a superpackage that installs VLC, Python... and output it on screen, or add it to the repo's XML file (if present).
  • The directory can then be served to act as an npackd repo (python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080 comes to mind)

What do you think?
I may open another issue if needed


How about using the npackd-web application? Here you can create your packages:

nodiscc commented Jul 14, 2015

The web app is fine when I have an Internet connection available. I'd like to have my repo available in a local directory (USB drive containing maintenance and troubleshooting tools). I also have use some installers that can't go on (non-free licenses)


Personally I use XML Notepad for editing the repo. Here is how it looks like:



Npackd-repoeditor is also one of the options for editing local XML repositories.

@tim-lebedkov tim-lebedkov added this to the 1.22 milestone Jul 4, 2016

1.22 will be able to export the selected packages as a repository:


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