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Type of the package can be either "one-file" or "zip". I believe it would be also good to add "no-files". That would let me create metapackages, which don't install any files, but depend of the other packages. I would like to use it for personal purposes.
For example imagine that I create a package called "Python Programmer Utils". It doesn't download any files, but depends of "Notepad++", "TortoiseGit", "Console", "Python", "py2exe" and "InnoSetup". Now, by providing this package to my colleagues from the community, I could let them prepare the same environment as I use.
Please note that I currently use this kind of metapackages. I just download a dummy file to not let npackd raise an error.


This is actually what you call a superpackage here. How should we define "type" and "url" attributes of such package?


You're right. This is not yet possible.


Thanks for considering the enhancement :)

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