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summary Description of the default repository for unstable software.

  • Repository URL:
  • All software packages in this repository can be installed for free for private use. No trial versions are present. Please consult the corresponding licenses if you want to use them commercially.
  • If possible, no UI is shown and no desktop or quick launch icons are created.
  • only unstable versions of packages from the default stable repository are included. Only versions requested by users are added.
  • All packages contain 32-bit software. Most of them work also on 64-bit Windows.
  • all download sites are tested using [ URLVoid]
  • automatic updates are disabled where possible
  • all software is available in english
  • SHA1 (cryptographic checksum) is defined for every package (exceptions are packages where different versions are distributed using the same URL and the re-distribution is not allowed)
  • a package should not install unrelated software. This also applies to packages without automatic installation that install unrelated software by default.