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New Npackd GUI/command line release

  • Change the version number in wpmcpp\version.txt
  • update version number in appveyor.yml
  • update version number in wpmcpp\src\wpmcpp.rc


  • update translations


  • unit tests in npackdcl.exe
  • wpmcpp\TestCases.txt
  • npackdcl\ftests with administrator privileges
  • Run Dr. Memory: install and remove AbiWord

Dev packages

Create the following packages from the repository

Execute the following scripts in X.XX.X_32:

  • build projects for 32 bit

Execute the following scripts in X.XX.X_64:

  • build projects for 64 bit

Create packages on in the libs repository for:

  • Npackd dev x86_64 w64
  • Npackd dev i686 w64


Tag the version in Git, commit, push.


Upload binaries to Github:

  • wpmcpp\32\Npackd32-X.XX.X.msi
  • wpmcpp\32\
  • wpmcpp\32\
  • wpmcpp\64\Npackd64-X.XX.X.msi
  • wpmcpp\64\
  • wpmcpp\64\
  • npackdcl\32\NpackdCL-X.XX.X.msi
  • npackdcl\32\
  • npackdcl\32\

Create packages on in the unstable repository for:

  • Npackd 32 bit
  • Npackd 64 bit
  • NpackdCL


Mark all issues with Milestone-X.XX as FixedPleaseTest

Create a link, e.g.


Announce the availability of the new alpha version on Twitter and on the Forum.

Update the Wiki

Create/update the "ChangeLog" and "CommandLine" pages in the Wiki. git log --pretty=format:" * %s"|clip

Update the npackd project on Github

Change the Appveyor script to use the newest version of NpackdCL.


If no significant bugs are found during 2 weeks, promote the version to a beta.


If no significant bugs are found during 4 weeks after the beta release, promote the version to a stable and move the packages to the stable repository.

Update for packages on