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Watches for change in your maildir, and runs mbsync when change are found.
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Signed-off-by: Tim Smart <>
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Watch a mbsync Maildir for changes to sync, and sync main mailboxes every minute.


Install with npm:

npm install -g mbsync-watcher


On the command line:

$ mbsync-watcher channel ~/path/to/maildir INBOX,importantlabel,anotherone \
> "[Google Mail]/All Mail,[Google Mail]/Important"

The third and fourth options are respectively:

  • The mailboxes / labels / folders you want to keep as fresh as possible. Generally best to set this to your inbox and all labels / folders that also end up in the inbox. These are updated every minute or on change.

  • A blacklist of labels / mailboxes to not listen for filesystem changes. These will get updated every 5 minutes instead.

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