A declarative parser combinator library for Erlang
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A declarative parser combinator library for Erlang.

Quick start

$ make
$ erl -pa ebin
1> pardec:parse(<<"">>, {'1*', 'ALPHA'}).
2> pardec:parse(<<"hello world">>, {'1*', 'ALPHA'}).
{"hello",<<" world">>}
3> pardec:parse(<<"hello world">>, {tuple, [word, {skip, 'SP'}, word]}, [{word, {'1*', 'ALPHA'}}]).


A parser/grammar is defined declaratively as a list of "rules", each of which is defined in terms of the builtin operators/combinators and/or other rules.

The first argument to pardec:parse is the input, which can either be a binary or a string/list. The second argument is the top level rule, and the optional third argument is a list of additional rules.

The atom 'nomatch' will be returned if the input does not match the top level rule, or if it matches the return value will be a {Term, Remainder} tuple.

See tests.erl or json.escript for more examples.