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Web Vedeo Bot

java-1.8 license: MIT Build Status HitCount

  • Easy install, all dependencies are already included, just need to have a java environment.


Environment, Architecture

  • Java1.8

  • Crawler4j

  • Spring Boot x H2 Db


java -jar PornBot.jar

Demo h2_console

Database Description


JDBC URL: jdbc:h2:~/porn/porn-db

User Name: sa

Password: empty

Record Table:

 Table_Name               :PORN_RECORD
 viewKey                  :The website's video unique key.
 imageUrl                 :Image url of video.
 linkUrl                  :Video jump to Website`s link
 videoUrl                 :Video adrress.
 videoTitle               :Title of video.
 videoDuration            :Video click count.
 videoQuality             :Defualt quality - 240, 480, 960, 1280p.
 download                 :Has been downloaded. True or false.
 createdTime              :The record created time.
 filePath                 :The video downloaded path.


 FILE_PATH                :Video download path.
 VIDEO_DOWNLOAD_SIZE      :Maximum download size of the video.(Byte)
 MAX_PAGE_SIZE            :Crawling page size.
 CONCURRENT_THREAD_SIZE   :Muilti-threads request amount.
 START_URL                :Crawling url.
 DOWNLOAD_VIDEO           :Download video. Y or N.

See Default Configuration