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@tim740 tim740 released this 10 Apr 13:17
· 12 commits to master since this release


file %string% is a dir[ectory]
file %string% is(n'| no)t a dir[ectory]
#checks if path is dircetory

relative path of %string%
%string%'s relative path
#Gets relative path

short path of %string%
%string%'s short path
#Gets short path

on (bash|batch|sh) (command|cmd) (run|execute)
#Event: Triggers when you use Run Command cancelable

run (bash|batch|sh) (command|cmd) %string%
#Excutes command in skript
#Windows: cmd /c <command>

[last ]output of executed (bash|batch|sh) (command|cmd)
[last ]executed (bash|batch|sh) (command|cmd)'s output
#Returns last executed command's output

system property (os arch|os name|os version|java home|user dir|user home|user name|user lang[uage]|user timezone|line separator|file separator|path separator|file encoding)
#Gets a System property

(operating system|os) is (windows|mac|linux|unix|solaris|sun os|hp ux|aix|irix|free bsd|open bsd|net bsd)
(operating system|os) is(n'| no)t (windows|mac|linux|unix|solaris|sun os|hp ux|aix|irix|free bsd|open bsd|net bsd)
#Check's if your server's os is a certain os

Fixed Is File
ExprLoaded Optimized
Optimized other classes

Now using bStats and mcStats (mcStats will be removed if it doesn't come back online in a later update!)

Disclaimer: This addon can damage your server if used wrong or used in malicious manner, Double checking code is Advised, I take no responsibility for any damage caused, I've tried to make this addon as powerful and non-restrictive as possible!