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type less css in your sbt projects

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less sbt

type less css in your sbt projects

LESS Scala

a friendly css companion for coffeescripted-sbt


less # compiles less source files
charset(for less) # character encoding used in file IO (defaults to utf-8)
mini(for less) # setting for compiled minification (false by default)
filter(for less) # filter for files included by the plugin
exclude-filter(for less) # filter for files ignored by the plugin
unmanaged-sources(for less) # lists resolved less sources
clean(for less) # deletes compiled css
config:source-directory(for less) # where less files will be resolved from
config:resource-managed(for less) # where compiled css will be copied to

install it

In your plugin definition, add

addSbtPlugin("me.lessis" % "less-sbt" % "0.1.9")

If you have not already added the sbt community plugin resolver, add this here as well with

resolvers += Resolver.url("sbt-plugin-releases",
  new URL(""))(

Then in your build definition, add


This will append less-sbt's settings for the Compile and Test configurations.

To add them to other configurations, use the provided lessSettingsIn(config) method.


use it

Author your .less files under your project's src/main/less directory. After compiling less sources, you can find the compiled css under path/to/resource_managed/main/css

customize it

using less's built-in css minification

lesscss provides a built-in minifier which you can to to shink your compiled css. To override the default mini setting, add following to your build definition after including the less settings.

( in (Compile, LessKeys.less)) := true

changing target css destination

To change the default location of compiled css files, add the following to your build definition

(resourceManaged in (Compile, LessKeys.less)) <<= (crossTarget in Compile)(_ / "your_preference" / "css")

working with @imports

Some lesscss projects, like Twitter's Bootstrap project contain one main .less file which imports multiple .less files using the @import feature of lesscss. To achieve the same style of compilation with less-sbt, set the filter defined by less-sbt to the target of compilation.

(LessKeys.filter in (Compile, LessKeys.less)) := "your_main.less"

This will build a single your_main.css file which includes all of the @imported style definitions.

To see an example of compiling Bootstrap itself, check out the scripted bootstrap test.

You will find all custom less-sbt keys within the LessKeys module.


Have an issue? Tell me about it


I'll take them where they make sense. Please use a feature branch in your fork, i.e. git checkout -b my-cool-feature, and if possible, write a scripted test for it.

Doug Tangren (softprops) 2011-2012

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