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Revision history for Perl module Amazon::S3:
0.45 Aug 14 2009
- Applied patch to support any S3 end points (Tokuhiro Matsuno)
- Applied patches to not die when 0 or 1 buckets are return also (Tokuhiro Matsuno)
0.441 Jun 16 2008
- Added handling to get_key_filename where the key is used as the file
name if one is not provided.
0.44 Jun 08 2008
- Applied patch for fixing non-xml error parsing (Harold Sinclair)
- Ported changes from Net::Amazon::S3 0.42-0.44. These include:
- Fix bug with storing files consisting of "0" (Martin Atkins)
- Use of IO::File and binmode() to support Windows (Gabriel Weinberg)
- Add exponential backoff upon temporary errors with the new
retry option. (Leon Brocard)
0.41.2 Jan 20 2008
- Added documentation fixes that where causing
99-pod-coverage.t to fail.
0.411 Jan 19 2008
- initial release into CPAN
- Fork of Net::Amazon::S3 0.41
- Renamed packages
- Replaced XML::LibXML and XML::LibXML::XPathContext
with XML::Simple
- Ran perltidy over code
- Removed deprecated methods from Amazon::S3
- Revised documentation and README