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nuget maintainer repo

This repo tracks the upstream repo at and adds nuget package info for

Please only report packaging bugs and requests for new releases to this repo's issue tracker, for all functionality requests please use the upstream issue tracker instead.

Please don't report nuget package issues to upstream as they aren't planning on maintaining the nuget package (ref )


Provides pushState (back and forward button support) to Bootstrap tabs


Run this in document ready or some equivalent initializer on your page:


Where nav-tabs is the default class for the bootstrap tabs feature.


The following options are available to pass to jquery-stickytabs on instantiation


$(function() {
	var options = { 
		selectorAttribute: "data-target",
		backToTop: true
	$('.nav-tabs').stickyTabs( options );
option default description
selectorAttribute false Override the default href attribute used as selector when you need to activate multiple TabPanels at once with a single Tab using the data-target attribute.
backToTop false Prevent the page from jumping down to the tab content by setting the backToTop setting to true.

NuGet package

Tim Abell maintains a nuget package of stickytabs for easier installation in .NET projects. Report any packaging issues here: