A Plugin for FitNesse that commits to a Git repository
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The fitnesse-git-plugin is intended to work with FitNesse's built-in Source Control mechanism.
To use it, add CM_SYSTEM as an environment variable or a defined variable in FitNesse.

Please see http://www.fitnesse.org/FitNesse.UserGuide.AdministeringFitNesse.SourceCodeControl

Put the fitnesse-git-plugin.jar in a folder called "plugins" next to the fitnesse.jar

Add git.path=/your/path/to/git to plugins.properties
Example of plugins.properties

Example of run.sh (OSX)
  |export CM_SYSTEM=org.fitnesse.plugins.GitScm
  |java -jar fitnesse.jar -e 0 -p 9001

Example of run.bat (Windows)
  |set CM_SYSTEM=org.fitnesse.plugins.GitScm
  |java -jar fitnesse.jar -e 0 -p 9001

To test it, try making changes to a FitNesse page and check your git log to see if it committed

Feedback is appreciated!

***Known Problem***
Doesn't work on OSX because of the StringTokenization with Runtime.getRuntime.exec(String command)
I think the fitnesse.components.CommandRunner needs to be changed to explicitely call "rt.exec(new String[]{command}, environmentVariables);"
Here's what I found: