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This script will match the tracks you “starred” on Spotify and add them to your Rdio collection.

The script will match using the ISRC Spotify provides for the songs. In case there are multiple matches on Rdio, it'll choose the one that has the smallest difference in duration with the original Spotify song.


  • A Spotify account and a Rdio account
  • A spotify appkey — this requires that your Spotify account be “Premium” (you can downgrade it once the script has run). Just save the appkey binary file in the same directory as this app.
  • libspotify. On Mac os, install it with: brew install libspotify
  • A few rubygems: gem install hallon nokogiri rainbow
  • A (free) Rdio developer account
  • This was tested on 1.9.2-p290 but may work on other versions of ruby.

How to

  1. Fill in lib/spotify2rdio/credentials.template.rb, save as lib/spotify2rdio/credentials.rb
  2. Save your spotify appkey in the same directory
  3. ruby -Ilib ./bin/spotify2rdio
  4. Pass your Spotify login & username when the app requests it
  5. Log in to Rdio & authorize the app when the script requests it
  6. Enjoy your music on Rdio.

License & Attribution

om.rb and rdio.rb come from rdio-simple.

The rest of this work is licensed under the WTFPL, version 2.0.

Comments, Questions

  • @timanglade
  • timanglade at
  • pull requests accepted & welcome