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The Mineload browser web interface.

  • Therapeutically watch live updating gauges for server vital signs, slots free, network usage, tick rate, memory used etc.
  • See/Stalk online players in a table and perform kick/ban operations.
  • Edit plugin config YAML files in a visual text editor. No more laggy SSH connections or tedious config change uploads to your server.
  • Browse player inventories and perform what I call "Reverse CNS" [Reverse Chest Name System] :D if you have LWC to see the contents and locations of their stuff. Creepy right?
  • Real time server console. You need using the new WebSockets API should work on new versions of Firefox | Chrome | Safari | and... wait for it... IE10 [touch wood]
  • Browse your installed plugins in a handy table with version information. Very useful to see if you're a version behind in something installed.

The files contained here need to be uploaded to a PHP enabled web server preferably one you own not a free shared host due to possible restrictions.

You will need:

  • Bukkit server with MineloadPlugin & JSONAPI plugin installed.
  • PHP enabled web server.
  • Your web server needs to make OUTGOING connections to your Minecraft server on port 25500(MineloadPlugin default).
  • The browser makes connections to JSONAPI on port 20059 for calling methods. And port 2061 for WebSocket (for the console to work).
  • Therefore ports 25500, 20059, 20061 need to be forwarded if you're behind a NAT/firewall. So they are accessible from a public IP.

Installation Instructions

  1. To install simply upload contents to your web server
  2. Please ensure the mineload/config folder is writable eg chmod 777 config but then change it back to something reasonable afterwards eg chmod 644 config
  3. Navigate to
  4. This will begin the web installer. It should check connections as you enter them.
  5. DELETE the install folder after it has completed for security reasons.

It would be awesome if you checked out the source code, send bugs/issues or pull requests to my GitHub account:

You can find more stuff I have made at my new web site