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Habitat for FXM

FXM can be used to deploy a range of capabilities to external sites, from simple analytics tracking to complex federated experiences. Federating Sitecore content on an external site is a relatively straight forward task if the requirements are limited to the following:

  • Deploy one or more controls that don't specify placeholders
  • The controls to be deployed inherit the styles and behaviors of the external site
On the other hand, if the requirement is to federate one or more controls that do specify placeholders (i.e from a page layout) and that also have their own CSS and JavaScript the challenges become apparent quickly:
  • Controls that reference placeholders
  • Isolating styles required by federated content from those of the host site
  • Attaching event handlers to document elements loaded by FXM
  • Varying a control's behavior when it's running in FXM
  • Browser cross origin request sharing for static assets (e.g. fonts)
To illustrate some possible solutions to these challenges this fork federates the header and footer from the Habitat site. I've also written a blog post that explains in detail the changes in this fork.


Sitecore Modular Architecture Example




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