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Timber's web application

Web App

Use Timber within any modern browser.


In your browser, navigate to


Timber Web App Layout

1. Organization Switcher

Easily switch between and manage multiple organizations.

2. Main Navigation

Contains the main sections of the apps.

3. Account & Help

Account preferences, sign out, and get help.

The Console

The console is the the first icon in the main navigation. It is the main area where you'll explore your logs. It's comprised of views that serve as windows into your data. These are represented by tabs.

Live Tail View

The live-tail view is designed to give you real-time access into your log data with powerful search capabilities. Learn more in our live-tail section.

Timber Web App Live Tailing

Graph View

The graphing view lets you visualize your log data. Learn more in our graphing section.

Timber Web App Graphing


The sources section lets you manage your log sources.

Timber Source Management


The alerts section let you manage all of your alerts and notification preferences.

Timber Alerts


The settings section lets you manage all of your organization settings.


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{% page-ref page="../../usage/" %}

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{% page-ref page="../../usage/" %}

...and more. Checkout out the main usage section for more guides and tutorials.

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