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SIGHUP Correctness Test

This test verifies that the subject correctly responds to the SIGHUP signal, gracefully reloading configuration changes.


  1. 2 TCP consumers are set up, each on separate hosts.
  2. Each subject is initially configured to send data to the first TCP consumer.
  3. A test line is sent to the subject.
  4. The subject's configuration file is updated to send data to the second TCP consumer.
  5. The SIGHUP signal is sent to the subject's project.
  6. A second test line is sent to the subject.
  7. Assert that the first TCP server received the first line and the second TCP server received the second line.


Subject Result
Logstash ⚠️[1]
Splunk HF
Splunk UF
  1. Logstash failed the test because it does not gracefully reload change. Instead of performs a full restart, making Logstash unavaible for a period of time. Because of this it failed to receive the second line. In order for this test to pass we had to wait 30 seconds to send the second line.

Try It

You can run this test via:

test -t sighup_correctness


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