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As part of Vector's development, we invested in a robust test
that provided a data-driven testing environment. Below are the results. To learn more, click on each test, or visit the "How It Works" section in the test harness README.


Higher throughput is better. The winner is in bold. Click on the test name for more detail.

Test Vector Filebeat FluentBit FluentD Logstash SplunkUF SplunkHF
TCP to Blackhole 86MiB/s n/a 64.4MiB/s 27.7MiB/s 40.6MiB/s n/a n/a
File to TCP 76.7MiB/s 7.8MiB/s 35MiB/s 26.1MiB/s 3.1MiB/s 40.1MiB/s 39MiB/s
Regex Parsing 13.2MiB/s n/a 20.5MiB/s 2.6MiB/s 4.6MiB/s n/a 7.8MiB/s
TCP to HTTP 26.7MiB/s n/a 19.6MiB/s <1MiB/s 2.7MiB/s n/a n/a
TCP to TCP 69.9MiB/s 5MiB/s 67.1MiB/s 3.9MiB/s 10MiB/s 70.4MiB/s 7.6MiB/s
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