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path manipulation for testing 0install packages
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0path is lacking some features required for newer versionf of 0install,
and is generally a fragile way to go about this sort of thing.
Please consider using the newer
[0env]( instead.


0path is a utility for making the contents of a zero install feed
(including its dependencies) active in your current shell session,
as if the library or application were installed globally.

This should not be used as a substitute for creating a zero-install feed with
your dependencies declared appropriately, but can be useful for trying out a
library without going to that effort.


Because 0path modifies environment variables, the suggested method of
installation is to add this function to your shell's inisitalisation
environment (e.g by adding to ~/.bashrc):

    function 0path { eval "$(0launch '' "$@")"; }

(for zsh users, you should remove the double quotes around "$@")


Then the usage is simply e.g:


This will make the `mocktest` python library available to all programs
run from within the current shell session. For example, you can now
run a python shell and `import mocktest`.


If you need to add the feed's implementation to a specific environment
variable (rather than one it exports):

    0path PYTHONPATH

This will insert mocktest's base path into your $PYTHONPATH environment

If providing an environment variable name, you can supply optional --insert
and --mode options, which mimic the behaviour of these attributes in a
zero-install <environment> binding.

If you just want to run it as a once-off without installing it into
your shell, you can run e.g:

eval "$(0launch '' <feed-uri>)"
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