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Sync your google reader items with your iPhone for offline viewing
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Google Reader iPhone Sync is currently not in active development. The author no longer uses a Mac, and no further development is planned. You should (obviously) feel free to fork the repository and make improvements :)


GRis (Google Reader iPhone Sync) is an RSS feed reader for the iPhone. There are already a few available, but this one features:

  • It syncs with Google Reader. So items you read will be marked as read, and you can star items to come back to them later.
  • It saves images in feeds for offline viewing. Surprisingly few iPhone RSS readers do this, which sucks if (like me) you own an iPod Touch, the sans-3G bastard son of an iPhone.
  • It's free
  • ... and it's entirely open source (the best kind of free).

Using it:

The best way to install is via my cydia repository at

If you want to distribute a modified package, you must edit the cydia/control file so that it won't clash with official versions. You should also probably change the icon, so people don't get confused.

See saurik's tutorial for instructions on creating your own repository.

Running / building / installing:

To build and run on the iPhone simulator, you'll need

  • The iPhone SDK
  • Python (I use 2.5.1)
  • nose

To install on a device, you'll need (for your mac):

  • Ruby
  • capistrano
  • dpkg binaries (specifically dpkg-deb and dpkg-scanpackages. These come with fink, and presumably all other apt ports)

...and the device will need to have:

  • Cydia
  • OpenSSH
  • Link Identity Editor

the python package is a dependency of GRiS, so it'll be installed if you do not already have it.

Configuration required:

  • see config_example.yml

Running tasks:

Run cap -T to see what you can do.

Most of the time, you'll want to run one of:

  • cap nose - run the tests
  • cap package:install - build package and install it on your device

Note that currently, the tests are very brittle, and require you to have an actual google reader account. I hope to fix this up in the future.


If you have any issues building / running, please post them to the issue tracker.


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