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remove python dependency from because pip does silly things.…

… Fixes (in some sense of the word) issue #4
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1 parent 372d3a1 commit 270367fc61e749a0fd894fdc34cae72b5bb003f9 @timbertson committed Sep 28, 2012
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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
packages = find_packages(exclude=['test', 'test.*']),
description='mocking library for python, inspired by rspec',
- install_requires=['setuptools', 'python<3'],
+ install_requires=['setuptools'],
long_description="\n**Note**: This package has been built automatically by\n`zero2pypi <>`_.\nIf possible, you should use the zero-install feed instead:\n\n\n----------------\n\nmocktest\n********\n... is a powerful and easy-to-use mocking library, inspired by rspec and\nsimilar in some ways to Michael Foord's popular Mock module.\n\nSource / Issues:\n\n\n\nZero install feed:\n\n(this is the preferred distribution method)\n\n\nCheese shop entry:\n\n\n\nDocumentation / Installation\n----------------------------\nPlease see the full documentation online at:\n\n",

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