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-## mocktest (version 0.2)
+## mocktest (version 0.3)
... is a powerful and easy-to-use mocking library, inspired by rspec and
similar in many ways to Michael Foord's popular Mock module.
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Cheese shop entry:
+### Important notes for this version
+In mocktest 0.3, a few key objects and attributes have been renamed:
+ - the `mock_wrapper()` function is now just called `mock()`
+ - to get a raw mock from a mock wrapper, you now use `.raw` instead of `.mock`
+To sum up, where you would previously use `mock_wrapper().mock` you now would
+use `mock().raw`. The new names are more concise and less confusing to new users.
### Where did it come from?
I am a big fan of rspec, but less of a fan of ruby as a whole.
I wanted a to use rspec's powerful `should_receive()` and associated matchers
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- version='0.2.2',
+ version='0.3.0',
description='a mocking and expectation test library for python, inspired by rspec',
author='Tim Cuthbertson',

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