A simple ColdFusion CFC that sends errors and exceptions to Airbrake (which used to be called Hoptoad)
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ColdFusion Airbrake Notifier

CF Airbrake Notifier if a simple CFC for handling errors and exceptions from ColdFusion and sending them to Airbrake; it uses v2.2 of the Airbrake API. CF Airbrake Notifier requires ColdFusion 8+.

Example Usage

<!--- Application.cfc --->
    <cffunction name="onApplicationStart">
        <cfset application.notifier = createobject("component", "AirbrakeNotifier").init(API_KEY)>
    <cffunction name="onError">
        <cfargument name="exception">
        <cfset application.notifier.send(arguments.exception)>

Replacement for coldfusion-hoptoad-notifier

This is a completely rewritten-from-scratch, drop-in replacement for Shayne Sweeney's coldfusion-hoptoad-notifier that works with v2 of the Airbrake API.

Project Name Change

ColdFusion Airbrake Notifier used to be known as ColdFusion Hoptoad Notifier. To avoid a potential trademark infrigement, thoughtbot (the makers of Hoptoad/Airbrake) changed the name; this project was renamed and updated appropriately.

Licensing and Attribution

This project is released under the MIT license as detailed in the LICENSE file that should be distributed with this library; the source code is freely available.

This project was developed by Tim Blair during work on White Label Dating, while employed by Global Personals Ltd. Global Personals Ltd have kindly agreed to the extraction and release of this software under the license terms above.