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RESTfulCF To-Do List

In no particular order...

Framework Features

  • Regex or similar support for route parameters, e.g. /resources/[0-9]+
  • Use of Accept: header for defining the response type, in addition to file extension
  • Error handling
    • Handling of CF errors
    • Needs to be extracted from existing WLD implementation and refined
    • Unit tests required
    • Error capturing examples
  • Remove dependancy on CGI['PATH_INFO'] and SES enabling via web.xml
  • Support for deserialising JSON-encoded body content on POST/PUT
  • Route aliases, e.g. /x/1/y/2 => /y/2?x=1

Bugs and Known Issues

  • Controllers don't know the location of the API to output Location headers on successful POST

Supporting Material

  • Tests
    • Unit tests required for Dispatcher and Request
  • More complex sample application, including:
    • Nested resources
    • Resource collections
  • Documentation
    • Much more detail required than just the README
    • "How to use RESTfulCF"
    • "How RESTfulCF works"
    • Packaged within app, or using Github wiki/pages?
    • Should tie in with project website
  • Project website including basic details, package downloads, update blog, docs etc
  • Build script to package up for download