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Better pagination for Jekyll.
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Jekyll Pagination

Better pagination for Jekyll

A Jekyll include file of a Mobile-First pagination, configurable with page front-matter.


Pagination elements

Depending on screen size it shows:

  1. Previous page link
  2. First page
  3. 'inivisible' pages indicator
  4. x amount of pages before the current page
  5. The current page
  6. x amount of pages after the current page
  7. 'invisible' pages indicator
  8. Last page
  9. Next page link


Install with bower: bower install


You can configure the output using front-matter on blog index page (for example /blog/index.html). The following options are available:

    root: /blog/
    limit: false
    page_amount: 7
    title_label: Pagination
  • root: The root of your blog.
  • limit: Limit of pagination pages, set to false if you want to use the page_amount setting.
  • page_amount: The amount of pages visible in the pagination. Set to an uneven number for best result.
  • title_label: The title above pagination (only visible for screen readers)

Because the front-matter is applied to the blog index page rather than the _config.yml it is possible to have multiple blogs on your site. You might need an additonal category aware pager plugin to accomplish this.

SCSS variables

  • All variables in the SCSS file are overwriteable.
  • Only set $pages-clearfix to false if you're already using another clearfix @mixin in your prject which this file can access.
  • All the styling variables are only applied when $pages-cosmetics is true (it's true by default)
  • The breakpoint variables are to show or hide pages when the screen is smaller. Use with caution since more pages than wanted may get hidden.

In action

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