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module adlc.config.haskell {
/// Annotation to override the field prefix for structs
/// and unions. It may be applied to the struct or union
/// declaration or to individual fields.
type HaskellFieldPrefix = String;
struct UnionConstructor
String fieldName;
String constructor;
struct HaskellCustomType
// The name in haskell of the type to be used
String haskellname;
// The imports required to use the haskell type
Vector<String> haskellimports;
// Text to be inserted to implement the haskell
// type
Vector<String> insertCode;
// If non-empty, the code for the original ADL type will be emitted,
// but with the supplied name.
String generateOrigADLType = "";
// The name of the constructor/function to be
// called to create values of this type (if it's
// a struct annotation)
String structConstructor = "";
// The names of the constructors/functions to be
// called to create values of this type (if it's
// a union annotation)
Vector<UnionConstructor> unionConstructors = [];
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