A galaxy generator and navigation tool, written in vanilla JS
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Project Repo: https://github.com/timbotron/js-space

By Tim Habersack

Try it here: https://js-space.graviton.systems


JS-Space a tool/game that will generate a mostly-realistic galaxy from a seed, then let you navigate around it to view the various stars within the galaxy. It's designed to work well on computers and mobile devices.


  • Use the arrow keys on screen, or on your keyboard to navigate about the galaxy.
  • Click/tap on a star to view it's details.

Some Neato Features

  • Alter the config.json to change the number of sectors that are generated, min distance between generated stars, etc.
  • The Sector View window is calibrated on page load, so on your phone try loading it in portrait vs landscape mode to see different layouts.
  • All the star details are mostly realistic main sequence type stars, with appropriate percent chance of existing. (Class M are much more common than class A, for example.)
  • You can pass in a seed via the URI. For example: https://js-space.graviton.systems/?seed=reverse_the_polarity . Otherwise it uses the default seed.
  • Only vanilla JS was used, no jQuery or anything else.
  • No images are used, it's all done via CSS and/or HTML Canvas elements
  • The entire payload of this is less than 25kb! (when accounting for gzip)

Giggly Technicial Aspects

It's important to note this project was a prototype for an idea I had for a browser-based space game. After this work I'm pretty convinced this is not the way to go, but I had great fun while writing it, and I became much more familiar with vanilla JavaScript.


Many thanks to David Bau for their seedrandom random number generator in JavaScript.


You are free to copy, modify, and distribute JS-Space with attribution under the terms of the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.