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A Gentoo Portage Overlay

This is a package repository for Gentoo Linux which contains a few useful things.

It is in the official list of gentoo "overlay" package repositories, so all you need to do is

	layman -a timboudreau

In more detail:

  • You need to be running Gentoo Linux or one of its derivatives such as Funtoo.
  • If you don't have layman installed already, run emerge layman (and make sure your make.conf sources '/var/lib/layman/make.conf'
  • Run layman add timboudreau
  • Run eix-sync to add it to your local package database (or emerge --update if you don't use eix)

Some of the software included here:

  • syncthing - like dropbox, but between your machines - be your own personal cloud
  • etcd - a high-availability key/value thingy similar to Zookeeper but hopefully less awful
  • flatbuffers - Google's copy-free data serialization library for Java and C
  • statsd - Etsy's statsd, a thing for collecting statistics and sending them to things that can graph them or do other useful things with them
  • Various fonts, mostly monospaced coding ones


A gentoo portage overlay with etcd, statsd and some fonts



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