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This CraftBukkit plugin adds a more realistic and detailed behavior when you consume raw food

  • Control each effect by giving a percentage, disabling means a percentage of 0.0
  • Minimum and maximum duration
  • Control the strength of an effect yourself or let the dice decide
  • Prevent vanilla effects
  • Affects any controlled food (default are raw foods)
  • Flexible on the fly configuration via commands
  • Opt-out permission and command permissions
  • Cooldown until the next effect should occur
  • Please note that there is currently no support for the new fishes, see #2

Third party features, all of them can be disabled

  • bStats for usage statistics


This plugin is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. Please see for more information.

Standard config

# For help please refer to
  # Should permissions be used?
  permissions: true
  # Display a message when eating?
  messages: true
  # The minimum and maximum duration of the effect in seconds
    min: 15
    max: 30
  # Cooldown in seconds, how long the player is safe before the next effect happens.
  cooldown: 30
  # Should /cookme debug be enabled (modifies the food level)
  debug: false
  # Should the vanilla poison from raw chicken and rotten flesh be prevented if the player has the permission
  preventVanillaPoison: false
  # Should the effect strength be random or controlled from below (also called amplifier)
  randomEffectStrength: true
# The percentage for each effect. Make sure all together are exactly 100! 0 means disabled!
  damage: 6.9
  death: 3.4
  venom: 6.9
  hungervenom: 6.9
  hungerdecrease: 6.9
  confusion: 6.9
  blindness: 6.9
  weakness: 6.9
  slowness: 6.9
  slowness_blocks: 6.9
  instant_damage: 6.9
  refusing: 6.9
  wither: 6.9
  levitation: 6.9
  unluck: 6.9
# Put a number here for the strength of an effect, only used when randomEffectStrength is false
  venom: 8
  hungervenom: 8
  confusion: 8
  blindness: 8
  weakness: 8
  slowness: 8
  slowness_blocks: 8
  instant_damage: 8
  wither: 8
  levitation: 8
  unluck: 8
# Add your own stuff here, IDs are supported, too!

Commands & Permissions

(Fallback to OPs, if no permissions system is found)

General commands

Command Permission node Description
- Opt out permission (no effects appear)
/cookme reload cookme.reload Reloads the configuration files
/cookme help Displays a help menu
/cookme debug only active when debug is true Reduces your food level

Enabling or disabling parts

In the following table the X needs to be replaced by one of these values

  • permissions
  • messages
Command Permission node Description
/cookme enable X cookme.enable.X Enables permissions/messages
/cookme disable X cookme.disable.X Disables permissions/messages

Adjusting duration, cooldown and percentages

In the following table the X needs to be replaced by one of these effects

  • damage
  • death
  • venom
  • hungervenom
  • hungerdecrease
  • confusion
  • blindness
  • weakness
  • slowness
  • slowness_blocks
  • instant_damage
  • refusing
  • wither
  • levitation
  • unluck
Command Permission node Description
/cookme set cooldown cookme.cooldown Sets the cooldown time in seconds
/cookme set duration max cookme.duration Sets the maximum duration in seconds
/cookme set duration min cookme.duration Sets the minimum duration in seconds
/cookme set X cookme.set.X Sets the percentage of effect X


  • nisovin for the code snippet prior to the Potion API
  • MatthewEnderle for the nice logo


For support visit the page:

Pull Requests

Feel free to submit any PRs here. :)
Please follow the Sun Coding Guidelines, thanks!

Usage statistics

stats images are returning soon!

Data usage collection of bStats

Disabling bStats

The file ./plugins/bStats/config.yml contains an option to opt-out.

The following data is read and sent to and can be seen under

  • Your server's randomly generated UUID
  • The amount of players on your server
  • The online mode of your server
  • The bukkit version of your server
  • The java version of your system (e.g. Java 8)
  • The name of your OS (e.g. Windows)
  • The version of your OS
  • The architecture of your OS (e.g. amd64)
  • The system cores of your OS (e.g. 8)
  • bStats-supported plugins
  • Plugin version of bStats-supported plugins
  • List of enabled foods