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Java (JRE or JDK version 8 or 11) with Node.js 12 LTS (Erbium) Dockerfile

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A minimal Dockerfile based on AdoptOpenJDK's JRE or JDK 8/11 Dockerfile (regular) and Azul's OpenJDK JRE or JDK 8/11 (alpine) with Node.js 12 LTS (Erbium) installed.

What's included

  • JRE or JDK 8/11
  • Node.js 12 LTS (Erbium)
  • npm 6
  • yarn
  • curl

Available platforms

These Dockerfiles leverage the new buildx functionality and offer the following platforms:

  • linux/amd64
  • linux/arm64 (not for alpine)
  • linux/arm/v7 (not for alpine)
  • linux/ppc64le (not for alpine)
  • linux/s390x (not for alpine)

Built by (c) Tim Brust and contributors. Released under the MIT license.

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