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=begin pod

=head1 NAME

DBDI - A Database Driver Interface for Perl 6


The DBDI project is a Database Driver Manager and Database Driver
Implementation Framework for Perl 6.

It is not a DBI. It is a robust and feature-rich foundation for the
implementation of application level database interfaces like DBI.

The API is closely modeled on the Java JDBC API. So closely, in fact, that
we plan to be able to use the JDBC documentation as our primary documentation
for the DBDI API, and the JDBC test suite (in some form) as our test suite.

=head1 STATUS

Code for DBDI was first written in July 2010 using role definitions
generated by the java2perl6api tool.

A basic PostgreSQL driver was added using the Perl 6 Zavolaj native call

A basic Perl5 DBI driver was added using the Perl 6 Blitzkost project to
communicate with an embedded perl5 interpreter. Any Perl 5 DBI driver
can be used from Perl 6 (though with limited functionality at the moment).

See the TODO file:

A screencast of a talk about DBDI, given at YAPC::EU in August 2010,
is available at L<> and the slides
are available at L<>

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