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*** General:
Stabilize stats api
Document all typedef actions on input and output
Resolve mapping of error codes to booleans
(see parse_*_reply in
** Structure:
Add PrintError & RaiseError flags
*** CAS
Add cas support - if sizeof(uint64_t) <= sizeof(UV) then use UV else use a newSV(sizeof(uint64_t))
and store the uint64_t as a binary string.
*** 64bit issues
Resolve other uint64_t issues, esp increment/decrement
*** More flexible callbacks, something like:
[ $bit_mask, \&callback, $callback_style ],
[ $bit_mask, \&callback, $callback_style ],
the code would iterate along the list and call each callback where any
bits in $bit_mask are set in $flag. If $bit_mask is undef then the callback
would be called unconditionally. $callback_style indicates how the
key, value, flags etc. should be passed in and returned from the
callback. Several different callback styles would be supported that
correspond to the APIs used by Storable and IO::Zip, for example, so
those could be plumbed in and called directly without needing any perl code
(for the get, for the set the callbacks need extra logic to decide if the
serialization and compression should be applied to the particular value).
*** Random thoughts...
For *_by_key functions, if $master_key is undef then use some per-$memc mechanism,
such as a pre-stored scalar, or a callback, to get the value.