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Things that need doing - volunteers most welcome!
* High Priority
Add --prefix=S that'll prefix all generated classes/types with S.
Thats needed because the output of java2perl6api is dependent not only
on the input java class but only on the specific type mapping used.
Different projects may want to use different type mapings for the
same java class. --prefix=S provides a way to avoid clashes.
Embed actual values of class constants in class/interface definitions.
For example:
public static final int CONCUR_READ_ONLY;
Probably best done by extending the parser to parse the extra details
in the "javap -v" output.
* Medium Priority
Someone with reasonable knowledge of perl6 and java should sanity check the
type mappings etc. and document the issues/tradeoffs.
handle enums like "public final class java.sql.RowIdLifetime extends java.lang.Enum{"
by generating perl6 enums
Determine class hierarchy of exceptions and replicate in perl6.
* General polishing:
Move most of the code from bin/java2perl6api into new Java::2Perl6API module.
Only add comments to types that have non-default mappings.
(Add method to TypeCast to ask if type has a default mapping)
Improve test coverage.
Move multi-line strings used for comparison tests out from the test script
into separate text files. Then if a test fails write the new output to a
different file (same name, extra extension). That way when the code
generation is changed the tests can be sync'd just by renaming the new file
over the old one. (This approach has worked well for the NYTProf tests.)
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