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Revision history for Perl extension Java::Javap.
0.05 July 2nd 2010
- Simplified grammar for arg_lists and similar constructs, removed
middle production which was not needed.
- Added script that runs java2perl6 on the JDBC classes
and then runs perl6 on each to validate them.
- Repository moved to
0.04 Wed Jul 25 16:47:30 CDT 2007
- Improved the grammar so can be recursively parsed without
error. This included:
allow $ as a legal character in identifier names
allowing constants to have array type
allowing transient, native, and synchronized in various places.
- Corrected error in recursion.
0.03 Sat Jul 21 08:29:53 CDT 2007
- Added support for recurse flag at the command line. It now tries
to process any types it encounters but doesn't recognize.
- Improved the grammar to account for more variety. It's still incomplete.
Bug reports welcome.
- Added a lot of POD and expanded the README.
0.02 Wed Jul 18 17:41:38 CDT 2007
- Completed initial work on class generation (constructors are missing).
- Guarded tests so they don't run if you don't have javap in your path.
- Fixed bug in qualified names, now there is a dot separated java
name and a double colon separated perl name.
- Made java2perl6 usable. Only recursive work remains.
0.01 Tue May 15 17:51:40 2007
- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
-Xn Java::Javap
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